How Does Detachol Work?

Specially Refined Paraffin Hydrocarbon (also called Petroleum Distillate) is the ingredient responsible for breaking down the adhesive on your dressing and is found in a wide array of consumer products including lip-gloss, petroleum jelly, plastics, and hundreds of other products.

Ingredients: •<99.9% Specially Refined Paraffin Hydrocarbons •<0.1% Many Flowers Fragrance •<0.1% Red Dye (D&C Red#17)

How Do you Apply Detachol?

The video below shows how to apply Detachol using a single-use vial, however, even when using a multi-use bottle, the application process is the same.  In place of the vial applicator tip used to apply the product, dip a clean cotton swab into the bottle and follow the same instructions. Click here for downloadable instructions.