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Providing quality healthcare means managing a thousand details everyday, yet always finding time to listen, explain and reassure. Caring for patients with efficacy and skill not only does good, it feels good. Our job is to help – help you work better, smarter, more effectively- and to share your passion for safe, compassionate care. So we focus on finding intuitive solutions to specific needs. Our specialized products serve as easy-to-use, cost-effective tools that improve outcomes for patients and caregivers alike.

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Eloquest Healthcare®, the hospital subsidiary of Ferndale Pharma Group, Inc focuses on serving hospitals, healthcare practitioners and patients. We market a unique line of medical products that can help reduce the incidence of infection and improve patient outcomes. These products include non-water soluble, Mastisol®, which prevents accidental disturbances of tapes, dressing or medical devices; Detachol®, which dissolves away adhesive from medical dressings and tape and reduces pain and trauma of dressing removal; LMX4® a cost-effective topical anesthetic that helps reduce patient anxiety and pain; and ReliaFit®, a noninvasive external male catheter that offers a superior alternative to leaky condom catheters and indwelling catheters that are associated with catheter-related urinary tract infections.